High Pass Everything Mouse Pad

High Pass Everything Mouse Pad

  • $ 14.99

It’s our little secret isn’t it? Comrades will wink at you knowingly when they see it, but others will just think you are sporting a beautiful and cryptic looking design. The guitar player might come up to you, remark on your nice design, and then say, “Hey man, what did you think of that beautiful low end I had coming out of my guitar last night? Great wasn’t it? You know the harmonic of my E string is 80hz right? Yeah man, I bet you could really feel it out front where you were. Man, that must have been awesome.” You just nod politely. “Sure thing, Hank. Sure thing.”

It’s our little secret! Do you really think it’s a good idea to explain to Hank about fundamental-masking and how the low end on his guitar interferes with the fundamental of the bass, which is playing the same part as him and is actually supposed to be making that sound? Or how the low end notes on stage leak through microphones that are all different distances from each other and therefore interact with each other unpredictably, messing with your phase coherence, so you high-pass the crap out of everything apart from the bass drum, the floor tom, the bass guitar, and the sampler? Just smile and nod at Hank. Smile and nod. But remember…They can never be allowed to know the truth!

This design is also available on a short or long sleeve tee, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, mug, gear bag, phone case, and a sticker! See them all here.

In this day and age, your mouse is as important as your hands. It’s another limb you use to control everything: consoles, system software, your sword arm on that fantasy RPG game you have been playing for two days with no sleep… As clever as your mouse is, not every surface is conducive to a reliable translation from where you want to the cursor to go, to where it actually ends up on screen. Especially when you are in a real hurry, navigating the I/O patching in a panic because just as the MC started to say “Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome…” out of the PA, you also heard the monitor engineer mumble out of the shout speaker: “Ah, hey bro, look, so, what I have done, right, is like, shifted the lead vocal line down to channel 33, right, because I was thinking that, well, you remember the other day how we had that problem with…”. This is certainly not the time you want to be chasing your cursor around the screen like a bee in the car while you are driving, simply because that road-case you are using has a bulge and a crack in a really inconvenient spot. PA of the Day has the solution! These Polyester topped 9.25” by 7.75” ¼ inch thick mouse pads are perfect for not only saving your butt, but also showing off your favorite hilarious PA of the Day design! Check out all of our mouse pads.