Amazing Bass (Guitar) How Sweet The Sound Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • $ 24.99

It’s not just about the music you can hear, it’s the music you can feel. And if the bass sound is just right, you will feel it as much as you hear it. But if your bass is out of control, you won’t hear anything! So keep it sweet… keep it sweet. Besides, if God had wanted us to hear the kind of bass you are trying to create - with the whole town's lights dimming along with the bassline - he would have given us all Elephant ears! (Did you know Elephants can hear down to 10Hz?)

This design is also available on a long sleeve tee, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, mug, mouse pad, gear bag, phone case, and a sticker! See them all here.

Short sleeve shirts are perfect for those hot summer gigs, showing off your tattoos and for rolling packets of cigarettes up in your sleeve like ‘the Fonz’ from Happy Days. These high quality short sleeve shirts are 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, and fit ‘true to size’. If it doesn’t fit, simply return it as part of our size-fit-guarantee. See all of our short sleeve shirts here.