High Pass Everything - iPhone Android Phone Case

  • $ 19.99

It’s our little secret isn’t it? Comrades will wink at you knowingly when they see it, but others will just think you are sporting a beautiful and cryptic looking design. The guitar player might come up to you, remark on your nice design, and then say, “Hey man, what did you think of that beautiful low end I had coming out of my guitar last night? Great wasn’t it? You know the harmonic of my E string is 80hz right? Yeah man, I bet you could really feel it out front where you were. Man, that must have been awesome.” You just nod politely. “Sure thing, Hank. Sure thing.”

It’s our little secret! Do you really think it’s a good idea to explain to Hank about fundamental-masking and how the low end on his guitar interferes with the fundamental of the bass, which is playing the same part as him and is actually supposed to be making that sound? Or how the low end notes on stage leak through microphones that are all different distances from each other and therefore interact with each other unpredictably, messing with your phase coherence, so you high-pass the crap out of everything apart from the bass drum, the floor tom, the bass guitar, and the sampler? Just smile and nod at Hank. Smile and nod. But remember…They can never be allowed to know the truth!

This design is also available on a short or long sleeve tee, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, mug, mouse pad, gear bag, and a sticker! See them all here.

Has anyone seen my phone?” “Hey, whose phone is this?” “Dammit, I dropped my phone again.” “Hey, can I use the USB on your console to charge my phone?” Well, we can’t help you with the last one, but the others, sure! Protect your phone, define yourself and spread the word of the audio world everywhere you go by having one of PA of the Day’s many hilarious designs printed onto a high quality smartphone case. Available for most Samsung and Apple smartphones as a one-piece, hard glossy plastic case with a super slim profile that is durable, impact resistant, and offers easy access to all ports/controls. You might not have a pocket full of cash, but you can certainly have a pocket full of class! Check out all of our phone cases here.