I Love An Audio Engineer Tank Top

  • $ 24.99

Available in 2 styles. Choose from Canvas or Racerback.

Racerback tank tops are available in black, kelly (green), red, royal (blue), navy, banana cream, hot pink, lilac, light orange, purple, raspberry, and turquoise.

Canvas tank tops are available in lack, royal (blue), red, and athletic gray.

They have looked after your cat for months while you were on tour. They pretended you didn’t wake them up when you tripped over that bloody cat as you came home from that gig at 2am the other day. They’ve sat there with understanding as you paced back and forth nervously at FOH waiting for the band to come on. They even gave you a wink and thumbs up when you nailed that delay on the end of that vocal phrase in the chorus of the bands new single! The lighting-operator might have a different tinder-date sitting next to them every night, but you have loyalty and morals, and you love your significant other. Monogamy is not a plug in, it’s an organic limiter that prevents over-excursion, allowing you to so set your ratio high and crank up your life! So, after everything they have done for you, what are you going to do for them? Why, you are going to remind them that they are in love with you of course!  

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These high quality racerback tank-tops are 4 oz., 60% combed ring-spun cotton / 40% polyester lightweight jersey, and fit ‘true to size’. If it doesn’t fit, simply return it as part of our size-fit-guarantee.

The high quality canvas tank-top singlets are 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, and fit ‘true to size’. If it doesn’t fit, simply return it as part of our size-fit-guarantee.

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