I'm With The Band Kids Onesie and Tees

  • $ 24.99

The security guard bends down to get face to face with the toddler that is trying to squeeze between his legs to get backstage. "Hey, where is your AAA pass?" The child looks up at him with wide eyes. "I'm with the band." "Is that so? And what is your job with this band?" the security guard asks. "I sing backing vocals." "Yeah, I doubt that little buddy, this is a death metal band. I don’t think they have a four year old backing singer." The child takes a deep breath, winks at the security guard, then lets out a truly ear shattering high pitch scream that melts the guard’s ears. "Okay. In you go then. Sheesh."

Select bodysuit, toddler, or infant Tee.

Bodysuit (onesie) sizes are 6M, 12M, 18M, or 24M 
Infant tee sizes are 6M, 12M, 18M, or 24M 
Toddler tee sizes are 2T, 3T, 4T, 4/5

All colors are not available in all styles.

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