Sound Check Script Coffee Mug

  • $ 19.99

It's a language that knows no borders. No matter the audience, the gig or the context, when you utter this mantra, everybody in the building knows what is going on... But then, of course, there is always at least one person who can’t help themselves: "Count to three! Go on, I wanna hear you count to three!"

This design is also available on a short or long sleeve tee, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, mouse pad, gear bag, phone case, and a sticker! See them all here.

There is nothing better than cradling a hot mug of coffee or tea between both hands on a cold winter's morning… Well, okay, there are lots of better things than that, but is there anything better than doing it with one of PA of the Day’s hilarious designs printed on it? Perhaps you need to spread a certain sentiment amongst your tour bus comrades? Perhaps you need a motivational pick-me-up first thing in the morning? Maybe you want to grease up the boss with a fresh cup of coffee, or chill them out with a nice cup of tea? These high quality 11oz, 3.75” diameter ceramic mugs are a perfect canvas for your message. Check out all of our mugs here.