Suck Knob Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • $ 24.99

They say that it's hard for a sound engineer to make a bad band sound good, but too easy for them to make a good band sound bad... Well, let’s be honest, you know it's true! If only we had a multi-stage suck ‘pad’ switch in -20 suck, or -40 suck. Wouldn't that be a game changer?! But don't worry, even if we could have 'suck knobs,’ we would only need them on the monitor console anyway!

This design is also available on a long sleeve tee, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, mug, mouse pad, gear bag, phone case, and a sticker! See them all here.

Short sleeve shirts are perfect for those hot summer gigs, showing off your tattoos and for rolling packets of cigarettes up in your sleeve like ‘the Fonz’ from Happy Days. These high quality short sleeve shirts are 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, and fit ‘true to size’. If it doesn’t fit, simply return it as part of our size-fit-guarantee. See all of our short sleeve shirts here.